Transportation Manufacturing Market

Transportation Manufacturing at Cygnus Manufacturing Company

CMC provides contract manufacturing services for the industrial and transportation (primarily rail) markets. Cross functional teams in fabrication engineering and precision manufacturing bring experience and quality to OEMs in the transportation manufacturing market.

When a leading manufacturer needs rugged components for rail braking systems, they partner with CMC. And when another well-known manufacturer for mass transit systems approached us because of issues with an existing supplier, CMC implemented an aggressive transition that enabled our customer to meet a First Article Inspection (FAI) date and avoid penalties.

CMC provides transportation manufacturing of products like:

  • Under-car weldments and fabrications
  • HVAC weldments
  • Interior trim (metallic)
  • Inverter subassemblies
  • Switching and signaling components
  • Shaft and core assemblies
  • Cam shafts and cylinders

We are skilled and experienced in the Transportation market and offer:

  • Class A Supplier Status
  • Availiable DBE/WBE Content
  • Assembly/Wiring/Kiting
  • Value Add

For more information about transportation manufacturing at CMC, call 724-352-8000 or contact us.

Success Story

CMC Helped a client meet their deadline by manufactuing their parts within a very short timeframe.
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