CMC - Cygnus Manufacturing Company Success Stories


Building Trust - A Success Story

A long-time client and manufacturer of medical devices was looking to develop a "next generation" product that, in addition to being smaller and lighter, would also offer novel features which had been requested by their customers. As CMC was already manufacturing the current model, we were quickly chosen to implement the upgrades.

The Client's project team then partnered with CMC and a local design firm to develop the concept and prototype. CMC was asked to determine the manufacturability of various components and to ascertain whether the final assembly could be built efficiently and consistently. Based on our extensive experience in manufacturing the current generation of product, CMC also studied in-process failure rates, ease of use, cost and other factors in order to determine which components should be carried over to the next generation. Following our recommendations, various parts were converted to alternate manufacturing methods which we sourced and managed for our client.

Once this was complete, we invited the client and our partnering design firm to attend a successful prototype run and prototype build. Additional changes were made to optimize some of the processes and final assembly and then Verification and Validation processes were developed using input from all parties.

Relationships. Clients rely on CMC for next generation products because we gain their trust over time . every time.

ON-SHORING - A Success Story

A client came to us with a biological instrumentation device that was being manufactured overseas. They were frustrated by the long lead times they were experiencing as well as relatively high production costs. They also were interested in refining the outer shell of the product to allow easier access to internal components for their service technicians. Unfortunately, they knew a redesign effort of this type would be difficult to manage from afar in a timely manner and so were seeking a domestic partner to assist them.

CMC put together a team of individuals from our Fabrication, Engineering and Manufacturing departments. We spent time with the client and worked directly with their engineers, marketing representatives and field service personnel to understand their needs. Based on this, we proposed a unique shell design and fastening system for their product that would allow the unit to be serviced more efficiently.

But as we spent time reviewing their specs, we realized that redesigning the shell was only part of the solution. By reformatting the internal footprint and eliminating unnecessary components from their Bill of Material (BOM), we knew we could also help reduce production costs. To assist our client further, we sourced alternate components, coordinated new silk screen tooling and helped develop and manage the supply chain for new ISTA-tested packaging (International Safe Transit Association) all of which allowed our client to unveil the repackaged unit as a next generation product.

At CMC, we have the experience, skill-set and creativity needed to meet your expectations . and exceed them.

Moving Fast for Mass Transit - A Success Story

A rail transit manufacturer came to us when one of their major suppliers was unable to commit to a timeline for a crucial component needed to meet a transit authority deadline. Missing the deadline would involve severe fines and could jeopardize their future contract with the transit authority. Could we come up to speed quickly enough to assist them?

CMC responded by pulling together a team from various departments and meeting with the client immediately to qualify and scale up manufacture of this product. We developed production timelines, expedited materials from their global supply chain and mandated overtime hours on our manufacturing floor. As a result, we were able to meet a two week target production date and enabled our client to meet their deadline as well. Based on our performance, this client then chose CMC to be the sole source supplier for the duration of their contract.

Since then, they have returned to CMC on two similar occasions involving production issues with their suppliers and CMC has come through on both occasions and delivered product after extremely short scale-up periods. In the most recent occurrence, we were able to coordinate the development of an extrusion die within a single week and had finished component samples available for the client's review the very next day.

At CMC, we know that a client's emergency is our emergency too. If you're in a bind, talk to us . we listen.

Quality First - A Success Story

A few years ago, CMC was approached by a company in the mid-West that manufactures equipment used to collect atmospheric data. They needed a prototype and first-run components for a product under development. CMC manufactured the prototype and was asked to quote on production quantities. Unfortunately, our client obtained a bid from another source which quoted the job at a lower cost. We reviewed our bid but felt that in order to maintain the high level of quality required for this component we would be unable to reduce costs further. Reluctantly, we advised the client that we would not be able to meet the price set by the competing bid.

Several months later, this same client returned to CMC and advised us that their chosen supplier was not meeting quality or delivery expectations, which were now identified as the top two criteria. Were we still interested?

CMC reviewed the project and assigned a Team Leader to the case who met with the client to review the drawings and highlight critical masking requirements. Members of our team then met with an outside service provider responsible for plating and developed specific processing criteria for their use. Finally, we developed in-process and final inspection plans for our manufacturing and quality personnel to ensure that all client requirements would be met. Following an on-site First Article Inspection and approval of the components by the client, the order was released for full production.

At CMC, our goal is to meet your manufacturing needs at the lowest possible cost . but we never sacrifice quality.