Design for Manufacturability

Cygnus Manufacturing Company - Design for Manufacturability

CMC can efficiently manufacture your pre-production prototype components while offering design for manufacturability input in the design phase. Cygnus Manufacturing Company offers design for manufacturability to help OEMs design products that are easy to manufacture, reduce costs and improve quality. Designing for Manufacturability (DFM) is an integral part of CMC's precision manufacturing process.

Off-line programming ensures an easy transition to production:

  • Capable of working with all types of materials (metals, plastics, and composites)
  • Manual and CNC equipment available for prototyping prior to production cutover
  • CMC can manage sourcing and manufacture of complementary components (e.g., injection molded parts) for prototype assemblies
  • Through partnership with a local design firm, we provide DFM services and initial prototype builds
  • Able to work from blueprint spec or solid model
  • On-site fit/form/function and 'Open door' policy for clients wishing to visit CMC during the prototype stage
  • Fully documented FAI's and quality packages as required (FMEA, CPK, etc)

For more information about Design for Manufacturability services at CMC, call 724-352-8000 or contact us.