Precision Metal Punching

Precision Punching from Cygnus Manufacturing Company includes metal and sheet metal punching to high tolerances to meet your custom metal fabrication and precision manufacturing needs.

Whether you require a flat lay sheet metal plate or a complex punched and formed precision component, CMC's state of the art equipment can provide you with Precision Punched parts that meet your design and functional intent.

Highlights of capabilities:

20 Ton Punch Press: 1500 hits per minute with:

  • Forming capability
  • Tapping capability
  • Extrusion capability
  • Embossing capability
  • 360 degree rotational C axis (3 rotations per second)


  • Cold Rolled Steel: 1/4" Max thickness
  • Aluminum: 1/4" Max thickness
  • Stainless Steel: 1/4" Max thickness
  • Brass & Copper: 1/4" Max thickness

Custom finishes

Automated and manual insert capabilities

For more information about precision punching services at CMC, call 724-352-8000 or contact us.